Sonuscore's "The Orchestra Complete" and new "Strings of Winter" library



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I'm very happy with this. I really didn't think midi export would get done, but here it is. Downloading now and thrilled I did buy The Orchestra when it was half price because I'd have been kicking myself now if I hadn't. Happy day for me! :)


I'm impressed by the upgrade so far. It's really a lot of new content and it has the feature I've been most wanting: MIDI export. Even just as a fancy arpeggiator, TOC is pretty dang cool.
It looks like the Complete version downloads the whole files again, is that correct? Do you delete the old version?


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It looks like the Complete version downloads the whole files again, is that correct? Do you delete the old version?
Yep, I just downloaded the whole thing and registered it in NI. As VIs go, the download was pretty slim. Everything is working beautifully and loving the new features.

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Good. I've splurged a little this month already - including a nice new shiny piano stool.

To be honest though, I've listened to the samples and the whole thing still feels a bit like loop city, which I find rather tiring to listen to. Or perhaps rather an Ostinato toolkit.

Still it's a bit of good fun to play with....


Been playing with it for 30 minutes. The midi export is brilliant - just what I hoped for. Just play the chords/notes in with the DAW running and then drag the export box into your lanes and you get a track for each track in the engine you we're using. You can then do whatever you want to the data in the midi editor so it's easy to add a bit of variety to the arp patterns. And of course you can use another sample library. I just changed a few of the notes and used Albion Tundra Brushed Pizzicato and it sounded great! This has opened a whole new world of use for me.

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Instant buy! Midi export, an awesome sounding string expansion, total integration of both products, loads of new arps... for $119! Thank you, Sonuscore! Pretty amazing upgrade!
Is there a vid on the 'string expansion' - while the midi export looks interesting not sure I'd really use it a lot. BUT if there were a LOT more options on string arts... :)

Ok - just noticed the strgs expansion INCLUDED in update. Very fair at $119 - for the lot.


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It's wonderful that they added MIDI out, but I wish the inclusion of the extra strings was optional at a lower upgrade cost. With MIDI out you can use any string library you want and I already have too many string libraries. Bottom line, two thumbs up to Sonuscore for adding MIDI out, I'm still going to upgrade, but will wait.


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For those of you who have installed the upgrade, is this a free standing install or do you need to install the upgrade into the existing "The Orchestra" folder. I don't see any specific install directions.