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Sonuscore's "The Orchestra Complete" and new "Strings of Winter" library


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Could it be, that you haven't yet installed Kontakt 6/free Kontakt 6 Player? The Orchestra Complete is a Kontakt 6 Library, if you haven't installed it, that might be the missing "base product". Just a quick guess...
That was the fix for me when the same thing happened. I wasn't aware it was a K6 library at first.

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More than most companies I know, Sonuscore listens carefully to their customers and keeps updating and improving The Orchestra.

Based on the past, whatever Sonuscore does in the future will depend in large part on what its users want the most. If you have ideas for how you'd like to see The Orchestra go in the future, I would recommend you write your ideas in forums like this or write them directly HERE.
You are completely right. We are absolutely reading all comments and paying attention to what people would like to see in future products. Some of our features are direct responses to customer requests. So keep your ideas coming :)


Thanks for your helpful suggestions everyone, Best Service has now sorted me out now (great service btw - thanks!). I have multiple machines and apparently I registered my original version of The Orchestra with an older email account - all sorted now! Early days, but really liking it so far - I think I'll be getting quite a bit of use out of this (and having the option to drag and drop midi is great!)
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