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Tweaking Windows 10 for Music Production (2019)

Mike Enjo

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Hi folks! Its important to have Windows 10 optimized for music production. Before you spend money on a new PC, try out my guide to tweaking Windows 10 for better performance!

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I did have a go at setting my BIOS like this and using the High Performance/Ultimate Performance modes.
Waves SoundGrid Studio does not like Ultimate Performance and does not recognise it as correct (pop-up on every startup) and my processor does not move smoothly between clock-speeds either, which I don't see as good for the processor


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Good video, but as an IT Admin, I would never and was advised never to use CCleaner. I do not trust it at all.
That thing can delete things and cause some harm :/

For me Advanced app startup control:
Autoruns from Sysinternals (MS)

Then for OS optimising: (Run as Administrator)
CMD > chkdsk /f
CMD > sfc /scannow

I use those two for errors or performance degradation
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