MD441 thin sound


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Dear VI friends,

Ever since I got my Sennheiser MD441 from Beards and Hats, it has had spotty performance. For a while, it sounded fantastic. Then, the angle of the microphone determined the high-pass output of the microphone, until finally the thing just sounds like a cheap telephone.

I looked at Gearslutz, videos on YouTube; I've taken the thing apart (oh it's a greasy bastard) a number of times, I lost the ball bearing in the rotary 5-position switch.

Tonight I looked at it again, and I'm beginning to suspect the problem is in the XLR connector portion of the mic. The connector end plugs into two pins in the main microphone portion, with a magnet looking disk pair apparently mating to create the grounding pin connection.

That's weird, you German people.

Anyway, does anyone have experience with this problem? I wouldn't waste your time. I've done a fair amount of searching on this problem, and many of the results are $200 MD441's on Ebay.

Am I on the right track?

With gratitude,