First Heavyocity library thoughts?


Seeing as Heavyocity have a 50% off sale on the NI website at the moment, I thought I would go ahead and buy my first Heavyocity library! Listened to them all on the website and they all sound I've missed these libraries so far, I don't know! I do film and video game work (but very rarely trailer stuff), mostly a hybrid of orchestras, synths, and percussion but, whilst I have plenty of 'clean' percussion (SF Perc Redux, Evo Series World Percussion + Taikos, 8dio Dhols and Toms etc), I feel like I'm missing that added sound design/processed percussion to add on top.

All that in mind, what do you guys and girls reckon would be a good place to start with Heavyocity? I've read that you can't really go wrong with any of them, but only looking to start with one at the moment, so want to make the best choice for my style. Any help/insights/pointers would be really welcome :)



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i love almost all products of heavyocity. except the master sessions series. they have the worst content/price-ratio.
damage is realy great for punching and variable drum & perc. evolve is the oldest library...but you get a great variety of sounds.
it is a good idea, before purchase, you listen the demos (naked) on soundcloud to get an impression of the various products.

Jimmy Hellfire

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I think Damage is still their best library. If offers A LOT for the money and sounds consistently very good. It not only has a lot of huge, "epic" and bombastic and ethnic percussion, but also a ton of really, really cool gritty, industrial and hybrid kits, useful effects and a ton of very useable loops.


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Agree with 'Damage' being a good library, but also, 'Evolve' and both the 'Evolve Mutations' work well with all the different sounds.


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Damage and Ensemble Metals if you want that processed percussion sound, although Damage alone would be more than enough to start with.


Thanks for your help everyone! Went for Damage in the end, and have no regrets. This thing is awesome!