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  1. RandomComposer

    Cinematic Studio Woodwinds?

    This just winds me up.
  2. RandomComposer

    Heavyocity Flash sale

    How do the Natural Forces compare to the Omnisphere 2 noisescapes and textures? I'm very tempted to get Natural Forces but I already have Omnisphere 2 so I'm wondering if it would just be more of the same thing.
  3. RandomComposer

    Noteperformer - New option to Rent-To-Own

    Interesting, so there's pretty much no reason to buy it outright then? Since as far as I'm aware they don't have any discounts on the full price.
  4. RandomComposer

    Is 2019 the year of the brass?

    I would like a choir year: OT choir, AudioBro Genesis men/women choirs, to name a few...
  5. RandomComposer

    What's on your Spitfire Christmas Wish List?

    Question for anyone who can answer - do wishlist discounts work on upgrades to professional? The reason I'm asking is because I might go for HZP now, then upgrade to professional in 1 years time when the wishlist is here again (if I find lots of use for it).
  6. RandomComposer

    What did you buy from Spitfire's Wishlist?

    Call your neighbour to download them onto an external HDD? :grin:
  7. RandomComposer

    Spitfire HZ Percussion: Worth the Price?

    Oh wow that's an great subtle ethnic sound in that first video! I've got EthnoWorld for the ethnic sounds, but I've always found it slightly lacking, so this could be great for padding out those ethnic atmospheres.
  8. RandomComposer

    Spitfire HZ Percussion: Worth the Price?

    Do you find that the sounds are different enough that there are certain vibes that you can get from using HZP that you wouldn't be able to achieve with the MA series? Or is it more a case of having a more diverse timbral palette?
  9. RandomComposer

    Spitfire HZ Percussion: Worth the Price?

    Could someone advise about whether I’d get any value out of HZP pro at 40% off, if I already own the Heavyocity ensemble series, Damage, Met Ark 1/2/3? I’m at a stage where I’ve already spent a lot so I want to make sure I get value out of purchases.
  10. RandomComposer

    What's on your Spitfire Christmas Wish List?

    I have another potential redundancy issue with HZ percussion, in that I already have Heavyocity Damage, Ensemble series, Met Ark 1, 2, 3, Storm Drum 2, 3. I'm not sure I can justify buying HZ Percussion even with a large discount.
  11. RandomComposer

    What's on your Spitfire Christmas Wish List?

    I'm trying to decide whether or not to get LCO strings... I already have the Spitfire Evos (including OACE), OT's Time Macro, Heavyocity's IT and RT. I feel this already makes most of LCO strings redundant for me and wouldn't be worth it even at 40% discount. Open to debate though.
  12. RandomComposer

    Anyone holding out on CSB for Modern Scoring Brass (MSB) ?

    I got CSB and I may end up getting MSB too, it seems to be like they'd cover different needs so I wouldn't be wasting money by having both if MSB turns out to be revolutionary.
  13. RandomComposer

    Berlin Harp vs Symphonic Sphere harp?

    I’ve bought the harps library since writing this post, mainly because I didn’t really need the other things from sphere, but I can’t give a comparison since I don’t own sphere.
  14. RandomComposer

    Cinematic Studio Brass?

    Hopefully the following does not happen: CSW = Causes Strong Wind
  15. RandomComposer

    Spitfire Studio Brass

    I believe it stands for 'Cinematic Studio Bump'.
  16. RandomComposer

    Cinematic Studio Woodwinds?

    Honestly I think BWW is worth the purchase even if CSW were to come out tomorrow, there's just so much ground that BWW covers to such a high quality.
  17. RandomComposer

    Your best 2018 purchase?

    Cinematic Studio Strings + CSSS bundle. It's been on most of my works since purchase and I'm more than happy with it. Only gripe is lack of extended articulations, but I don't often need those and I have other libraries for those. Extremely good value for money.
  18. RandomComposer

    Cinematic Studio Woodwinds?

    They're aiming for middle of next year, though I imagine end of next year is more realistic. Unless we get a repeat of CSB and end up waiting until the end of 2020 :laugh:
  19. RandomComposer

    BWW vs CSW

    Based on the delays we saw with CSB, I think end of 2019 or 2020 is more realistic :laugh:
  20. RandomComposer

    Cinematic Studio Brass?

    I think the question mark can probably go from this title now :laugh:
  21. RandomComposer

    Orchestral Tools Metropolis Ark 4 - Elite Orchestral Forces

    I don't think you can compare them, Ark 4 is mostly dealing with combinations of instruments, while SCS is a focussed effort on individual chamber string sections.
  22. RandomComposer

    Orchestral Tools - Metropolis Ark 4 - New Demo online!

    I think it would be a smart move to have an extra discount for those who own all the previous Arks. It would become a no-brainer for those who already own everything else and are questioning whether they need this, while also encouraging new customers to buy the other Arks on sale and take...
  23. RandomComposer

    Predictions for 2019

    I would hope that Cinematic Studio Percussion would be out by 2109, but that might be pushing it ;)
  24. RandomComposer

    Orchestral Tools up to 63% off - which one

    Yeah I don't really understand, OT said that they weren't doing sales in order to avoid screwing over loyal customers. Then they choose to suddenly dish out large sales without warning, thereby screwing over loyal customers
  25. RandomComposer

    Save up to 63% on orchestral tools

    I don't understand the logic in their decision to do the sale at this time, many people will have no money left for this sale. Seems like they would have made more sales if they'd done this on Black Friday.
  26. RandomComposer

    Anyone Holding out for a 2019 Mac Pro?

    I'd like to see what the 2019 iMac (non-pro) has in store, it could be enough for me when combined with a slave and I need to stop overspending :laugh:
  27. RandomComposer

    Hollywood Orchestra or Berlin Series... or BOTH??

    If you have the money for it, Berlin Woodwinds might be good for you to get. The Hollywood woodwinds are generally considered to be the weakest part of that orchestra and Berlin Woodwinds are generally considered the best, so it would more than certainly boost that section for you.
  28. RandomComposer

    What OT Berlin libraries would you buy if you have the following libraries?

    If they put the main collections on the BF sale this year, I would guess that some sort of expansions might be next year but I wouldn't count on it. Boring answer, but expansions depend on what you need. The solo woodwinds are great if you don't already have that covered, I'm a fan of the FX...
  29. RandomComposer

    Orchestral Tools: Glory Days - Big Band Horns

    YES that solved it! Turned off anti-virus and now the multis are loading in 3 seconds instead of several minutes! I've now put my sample library SSDs on the exclusions list so that should hopefully be that, thanks! Might be useful for @OrchestralTools to include this somewhere in their...
  30. RandomComposer

    If you could only use 5 sample libraries?

    I’d say there’s plenty you can do with 5 string libraries, as long as they have plenty of articulations and FX
  31. RandomComposer

    Orchestral Tools: Glory Days - Big Band Horns

    I’ll give a shot on my Mac when I get a chance
  32. RandomComposer

    Orchestral Tools: Glory Days - Big Band Horns

    Both are on my slave, I don’t store OT libraries on my Mac because they take up so much resources
  33. RandomComposer

    Orchestral Tools: Glory Days - Big Band Horns

    Internal SSD seperate from the boot drive, did a batch resave with Kontakt 5.8.1 full. Just the normal instrument multis. It only takes me 3 seconds to load each multi from BWW so I really don’t understand.
  34. RandomComposer

    If you could only use 5 sample libraries?

    Probably because @Parsifal666 hasn't yet arrived :grin:
  35. RandomComposer

    If you could only use 5 sample libraries?

    I couldn't go without a piano library, I'm not sure how so many people are omitting one from their 5 choices :shocked:
  36. RandomComposer

    Cinematic Studio Strings or 8Dio Adagio/Agitato/Anthology Bundle for Beginner

    Another bonus is you can enjoy a hefty discount on CSB when it comes out :grin:
  37. RandomComposer

    Black Friday Woodwinds Choice

    I really feel like this is comparing apples and oranges. Mixing a CH or FA wind instrument with an orchestra makes it sound like a concerto for that instrument, whereas something like Berlin/Spitfire WWs can easily blend into the orchestra. I'd use CH or FA woodwinds for solo stuff, or very...
  38. RandomComposer

    If you could afford it......

    Do you mean if I had just enough money to buy it but nothing else? Then no because it doesn't come close to covering everything that I'd like.
  39. RandomComposer

    Brass shootout

    If you can wait a few months, I'd wait for CSB and Audiobro MSB and see what those are like
  40. RandomComposer

    Cinematic Studio Brass?

    Unlikely, Alex just gave me a loyalty discount on the piano quite recently, just need to drop them an email when you're buying
  41. RandomComposer

    Orchestral Tools: Glory Days - Big Band Horns

    Glad to know I’m not the only one with the issue, but very frustrating as I still have the extremely long load times regardless of what I try. I’m using Kontakt 5.8.1 full on my slave PC, issue persists regardless of VEP or standalone Kontakt 5 app. It just took me around 20 minutes to load 13...
  42. RandomComposer

    Orchestral Tools: Glory Days - Big Band Horns

    I’ve got 64GB ram too, it hangs when I have nothing else loaded and less than 5GB ram being used. Never had this happen with any other OT library so I’m very confused
  43. RandomComposer

    Orchestral Tools: Glory Days - Big Band Horns

    Is anyone having issues with loading times? For me Kontakt freezes for about 1 minute whenever I try to load any of the multis. I’ve already done a batch resave, never had this with any other library
  44. RandomComposer

    Orchestral Tools: Glory Days - Big Band Horns

    Sorry might be a while, having lots of fun messing around with everything :grin: Adjusting the release completely solved my wet gripe though, seems weird to have it set at maximum by default
  45. RandomComposer

    Orchestral Tools: Glory Days - Big Band Horns

    Of course, excuse my stupidity it’s 4am over here
  46. RandomComposer

    Orchestral Tools: Glory Days - Big Band Horns

    First impression is that it's a bit wetter than I expected... I'm not the right person to comment though :grin:
  47. RandomComposer

    Black Friday Woodwinds Choice

    Depends on your purpose - Berlin WWs are great at ensembles, while CH/FA is great for intimate solo writing
  48. RandomComposer

    Orchestral Tools BF Sale!!!

    But wasn't the moral of that story to ignore it and trust your feelings?
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