Zuckermann Harpsichord for Kontakt


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Dear all, I am a new member, a professional bassoonist from Croatia with a huge love for baroque music and historical performance.

For a long time now, I've been searching for a great harpsichord library, but haven't yet found any that resembles a real harpsichord, where you almost can't tell any difference between the sampled one and a real one.

But,recently I stumbled upon an old GIGA sample library of a sampled Zuckermann (copy of a french or flemish maker, can't tell) that sounds absolutely lovely with all the elements of the sound needed, at least in my opinion. Sadly, the library and the maker Digital Music Media is no longer online or available. I was looking through the internet to find it somewhere to buy it, but no luck. However, someone did save it once they bought it and uploaded it for download in GIGA format. Once I converted it to NKI, it sounded lovely on my new MIDI keyboard.

here is a sample perforfmance by me, of a Menuet in a minor, by J. Ph. Rameau, from the Suite in a minor, RCT 1 (from the First Harpsichord book, 1706). Hope you like it and maybe it helps you in finding a great sounding harpischord library.

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If you know if there is a new harpischord library coming up, please free to share it here! I think a lot of people are looking for the right one. By far this Zuckermann and the Xperimenta Harpsichord are the best on the market, top notch products. If you know any yet unknown or upcoming, please share! :)


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That sounds really nice, bright but light. As an older sample guy who had a Giga rig I thought I might have this, but sadly it doesn't look that way. I do have the Xperimenta Harpsichord so good to know its decent. Thanks for posting.