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Your Favourite Modulation in a Piece / Song /Work etc (that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up!)

Paul Jelfs

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Sorry if a similar question has been posed recently . I am just studying various types of modulation , and it got me thinking about how songs or pieces of music use them and how powerful it can be.

So on that basis , what are your favourite modulations and from what songs / pieces of music ?

Hoping that we get answers beyond the simple modulation trick that a lot of pop songs use to lift and add energy ( maybe that's your think, who am i to judge? )

There are so many examples in different styles of music for me, but a few of note (for me) are :

War of the Worlds by Jeff Wayne (he also uses poly/ bi tonality really successfully during the Red Weed)
Queen - Bohemian , I Want to Ride my Bicycle and many other examples
Liszt - Les Preludes Symphonic Poem (Really under rated piece imho)
Come on Eileen - Pop Song (F -C -D not particularly interesting but still love the effect it has )
Genesis - Battle of Epping Forest (Prog rock at its finest ;) )

These are just a few off the top of my head

What about everyone else ? :)
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