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Your favourite Jerry Goldsmith score


I don't even own a DAW, I'm just a troll.
Me too. A lot better movie too
OMG SO I'M NOT TOTALLY CUCKOO! lol I thought Chinatown was very popular, though I never really cared for it much...despite the fact that Nicholson might be my favorite actor (Easy Rider, The Shining, Cuckoo's Nest, and quite a few more).

Even the score for CT doesn't really do that much for me...would have been cool if Rozsa could have scored that one imo.

(On bended knee, genuflecting in the shape of inverted crucifix):

I'm not worthy Godly Goldsmith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


For me, it’s got to be Total Recall. I watched that movie a lot when I was very young, and the score left an indelible mark on me. Could listen to it any day of the week.

What about you? What’s your pick?

The Russia House and of course the main theme from ChinaTown.


I don't even own a DAW, I'm just a troll.
I just watched the Edge (hadn't since it came out). Now THERE'S a score, yet another triumph for the greatest film composer ever (imo).


He had 10 days to write it after the first composer got fired.
I can believe it took only ten minutes. After the haunting trumpet main theme there’s not much else of note. I use to own the full soundtrack CD and only listened to those few tracks that had the main theme.


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Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Iila’s theme, come ON!)

Logan’s Run - some serious ARP 2500 action - nuff said

Seconds - way too short, but the main theme is sooooooo good. Like unreal.
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