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Your favourite Jerry Goldsmith score


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Like being asked which of your children you love most :)

This is me. The man had great music in the early sixties and died this century. I don't even know how many scores he completed...I just know I favor heavily the sixties and seventies (though he did plenty since that was extraordinary as well imo).

Total Recall really could be a master's class in Action Movie Scores, just like Blue Max and Capricorn One were before it.

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How many people have even heard of The Wild Rovers? I'm focusing here just on the theme (I can't remember much of the film so can't comment on how the music went with the film) but this is just so ... epic. With Goldsmith, you can just put the music on and listen to it for its own sake, I feel.



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‘Wild Rovers’ is a great score, I agree, with plenty of interesting music besides the cue 'Wild Horses' which is what that YT-clip contains.

If one has to pick just one Goldsmith score though, it’s going to be ‘Planet Of The Apes’ for me too. Extraordinary piece of work. (Admirers of that music should also find great enjoyment, by the way, in ‘The Cassandra Crossing’ which has several cues, especially the action music, that could well have been part of the ‘Apes’-score. Very similar language.)

Vying with ‘Planet Of The Apes’ for the number 1 spot in my favourite Goldsmith scores list, is, without a doubt, ‘The Great Train Robbery’, showing a side of the composer that, it seems to me, not many people know he has: a remarkable knack for upbeat, jolly tunes (and good ones too) often with a humorous twist and wrapped in a neo-19th-century style. Terrific music.

Other strong favourites: the brilliant ‘Islands In The Stream’, ‘Night Crossing’, ‘China Town’ and the dark, hypnotizing ‘Outland’. All insanely good.


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Over the years, I've shown Rudy to a great number of people (probably 10 different people), and the reaction, when the film finishes, is always the same. They're simultaneously close to crying, fist-pumping, happy. The music drives the last 5-6 minutes so intimately. There's so much energy there. That's what epic sounds like to me.

However, one of my all-time favourite Goldsmith moments, in any film, is when Rudy first walks onto the field (bag in hand, all alone) and you hear that familiar motif in a soft-yet-grand brassy glory. I can't find the clip, but it is just superb.


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Love Goldsmith.

Has anyone mentioned Chinatown? I really dig that score.

Others already mentioned: ALIEN, Planet of the Apes, First Blood.


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Well I'm sticking with my Basic Instinct, my daughter hums Gremlins all the time. Great Train Robbery is a great shout, forgot that one! Anyone mentioned First Knight or Sleeping With The Enemy yet (love the scores more than the films)?

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Lovely theme in Medicine Man, but I might be biased because I was lucky enough to watch him record it in London. Basic Instinct haunts me for days after I hear it.

You got see that being recorded? That theme is amazing. That (viola?) countermelody if I remember correctly, makes it even better.

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Even ignoring everything else, and focusing solely on the melody, I can't think of any/many composers who have so much quality, "catchy" material. I imagine Williams is up there.

Powder is another good one. Rio Conchos I remember having a few pretty hummable ones.

Patton, McArthur ... hundreds more.


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You got see that being recorded? That theme is amazing. That (viola?) countermelody if I remember correctly, makes it even better.

I did. The best part of all was following the score in the control room with Arthur Morton. The man was a true legend and... perfect host. He sat between me and a friend on the sofa at the now defunct Whitfield St studios (if memory serves!!) and we spread the score across our knees. I kept thinking that the man sitting next to me worked on the Laurel and Hardy films for some reason. We were briefly introduced to JG as he came in to listen to a take...he was conducting too....long below shoulder length grey hair in a pony tail.....even the greats have faults.....(just joking, especially as I had a pony tail once!)
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