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Your favourite Jerry Goldsmith score

I like music

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There are simply too many to choose from. It changes with every listen!

Rudy for now.
First Contact by tomorrow morning.
Hoosiers by the weekend.
... there are, more than any other composer, too many good ones for me to choose from.

Went to watch him do a concert with the LSO back in 2003 (I think) for his birthday. Unfortunately he was too ill to travel so he had to cancel being there to conduct the orchestra, last minute. But managed to get a whole lot of Goldsmith music in live that evening. It is a shame, because since his death, I don't really see any Goldsmith concerts in England anymore.


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He was so prolific there were actual phases of his career (like Beethoven's early, mid, late, and superhumanly great late). He wasn't LvB (though I venture to say his music skirted the heights of, oh...Richard Strauss). But such a consistency of excellence...

I like music

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Listen to that theme from Medicine Man. Who the hell even knows or remembers Medicine Man? No one remembers the music because no one knows the movie. But there is sheer beauty in that music, and its just one of hundreds that he's done that are a level above the norm. If I could write just that melody, I would never need to compose again. I'd die happy. Too good.


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I'd love to hear "Inchon" re-recorded but sadly it was for a film relatively unknown film. The original recordings we abysmal. They were in a church with really bad acoustics.


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Ghost and the Darkness is one I never tire of. And there are some subtle, bassoon-bassed cues in Rudy that remind me of those quiet morning moments just before Spring practices commenced.


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Soarin' - The score he did for Disney's California Adventure park attraction "Soarin' Over California" It was toward the end of his career and yet is my very favorite. He didn't write it to picture, pretty cool his reaction when he saw it for the first time.

"The original Soarin' Over California ride film at both Disney California Adventure and Epcot used an orchestral score by composer Jerry Goldsmith, who is said to have come down from his first ride in tears. In addition to finding the ride visually beautiful and magical, he said that his father was a pilot who loved all things Californian. "I'd do anything to be part of this project," Goldsmith said. "I'd even score the film for free.""


I don't even own a DAW, I'm just a troll.

Yes, it's not necessarily the most hum-able or pretty sounding score he's ever written, or remotely one he considers good, but it's the first film score that I heard that taught me the fundamental lesson that music can make you feel terrified.


I could be wrong, but I seem to recall the only thing he hated about Alien was the fact that it was butchered by the director (bits of his similarly brilliant Freud were interpolated). If you buy the Intrada 2 cd release of Alien you'll get the WHOLE score (minus the interpolations and plus the music that wasn't put into the movie because of Ridley Scott being a dumbass). It was mostly his problems with Scott that ruined his opinion. Really, if you don't have the Intrada release, I can't recommend it strongly enough.

And kudos to the member who mentioned Lionheart, amazing score.

How about his ridiculously rejected score to Legend?


I don't even own a DAW, I'm just a troll.
I really think “Lion Heart” is special. Shafner /JG-great combo.

You are so right, and Goldsmith would have agreed with you. Hard to beat Papillon and Boys From Brazil too (for scores).
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