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Your favourite Jerry Goldsmith score


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I don't know much about his supposed best works but I have always liked the score for 'The Edge'. It was a film we had, and I remember thinking...wow those saxophones sound really good! lol


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Awesome guys, keep 'em coming. There are a lot of titles that don't show up when I've searched in Apple Music, but strangely, if I know the title and search for it in Google and add the word Apple Music to the search, I'll usually find an iTunes link that works in Canada.


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Star Trek TMP. Using music to help convey the story of a ship floating around in space for 3 hours
Star Trek Insurrection. Meh movie, but in certain scenes the music still makes the hair stand up on my skin.
Star Trek Voyager theme. The only good thing about that show. He also won an Emmy for that theme.
But with a composer so good, it’s hard to pick just one.


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Total Recall - Action tunes but with a melodic hook, unparalleled.
Star Trek One..man..the whole NCC Ride to Voyager - that underscore there is...man..get a hard dick always.
Basic Instinct - Well at times I don´t felt that the soundtrack fitted the movie sometimes, but the soundtrack is so well done, just to listen alone is great.

Planet of the apes...ouch....percussion massacre at its best

Poltergeist..Rambo...oh man..there are so many titles..the list..is endless..uah..bamm..alien...man..those woodwinds thirds in their higher registers with the delay..uah..

sorry..I need some beers now..

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The Treks, especially the first one. Planet of the Apes is a riot too, and don't forget Chinatown!
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So many to choose from, so many masterpieces: Alien, Poltergeist, The Blue Max, Capricorn One, The Edge, Islands in the stream, The Omen, Planet of the Apes, Freud, Secret of Nimh, Total Recall, Night Crossing ...

But I think my absolutely favourite is Legend. Pure magic. It's a full-blown romantic, big symphonic score with choir and soloist. One of the things I'm always being fascinated of is how masterfully Goldsmith integrated synthesizers into this score. Not as a cheesy or rhythmical accompaniment he does so often, but as equal instruments within the Orchestra, expanding wildely the colours. With this he creates a soundscape worthy of the gorgeous and dreamlike pictures of the film.

So sad (and unforgivable) that Scott replaced the Goldsmith Score with the pure synthesizer score of Tangerine Dream (for the american cut).


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First Blood
The Omen

Difficult to pick one, so many amazing scores!


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I have so many. Inchon, Night Crossing, Pappilion, Under Fire, (loved the collaboration with Pat Metheney and JG on UF) off the top of my head.
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