Your Favorite Reverb?


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I too agree with JimmyHellfire for the most part. I think that for orchestral mock-ups especially, having good stereo placement and depth is more important than the actual reverb. I am in the market for a new verb though so thanks to the OP.


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I was shocked to see my sessions! I only used DVERB inserts on every track. This was pop/rock.

No sends? What was I thinking?! Dverb? Really? Why did I do that?

It is not how I would ever mix today, but for some reason, it sounds better than anything I have tried to do since...
DVerb is capable of sounding good, and I agree that it's probably an individual instrument reverb rather than an entire space one.

That's the thing: what my favorite reverb is depends on the processor, the specific application, and the program. 'sall about getting the reverb to stick to the sound.

Really, it's a lot easier to say what you don't like about lousy reverb processors or programs. They have sparkles in their tails, they sound like tin cans when you try to create small spaces with them, they're metallic or muddy...
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OP is right about FabFilter Pro-R, amazing tool. And I also like Valhalla Room and VintageVerb. But if you want to go beyond it all, get Zynaptiq Adaptiverb, simply incredible. It’s like Eventide Blackhole and Valhalla Shimmer on steroids. Anyway, for blending different libraries, go Pro-R.

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Also try cascading different reverbs in addition to delays, chorus, etc. Quite often you may wind up with a big mess... but sometimes you hit upon a magical combination that might take your sound to a different plane altogether. Some reverbs really lend themselves wonderfully to cascading while others not so much. Experimenting is part of the process.


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Liquidsonic Reverberate 2..those Fusion IRs just seem way thicker or something, whatever they've done with them..


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I guess I should have said my quest has led me back to Exponential Audio's Phoenix Verb. I only talked about my re-discovery of DVERB from my 2008 sessions back in my earlier post. Couple a few subtle delays feeding into Phoenix Verb and you have created a potion of magic mix glue that is very Bricasti-esque.


Softube TSAR-1. It’s very smooth and makes everything wider and deaper. Not the most popular out there but I was hooked the first time I tried it and its usually difficult to wrong with it. Great for darker tails


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I've been experimenting lately with using 2 reverbs for SSS & SCS and really like the sound. Sometimes you run into verbs that really compliment each other and seem more than the sum of their parts.

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Does anyone have any experience using Rematrix from Overloud? There was some mention of it in a much older thread but not much since then. I suppose that answers my question, lol.


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I use UAD reverbs (Lexicon 224, Ocean Way, Plate140), sometimes Waves & Valhalla and the exceptional 2C Audio B2

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Spaces hands down my favorite. I own the original and spaces II. I have the Valhalla stuff, standard logic plugins, and several others too. My real question is should I grab eventide Blackhole while it’s on sale at time for $64..?