Your favorite "go to" patches


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My bare bones, sketching template has Light and Sound's Concert Grand paired with Steinberg's "Warmth Pad" from Padshop (just audible in the background). I also love CSS's Ensemble Patch for string noodles.
Light and Sound's Concert Grand has a raw character that is great for just sketching ideas I find. A very clear tone that doesn't get muddy with dense chords, so it allows me to hear chordal voicing which is helpful when developing the idea with other instrumentation.


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The “Init” patch.:sneaky: Oddly, it’s on most of my vst instruments. (Only MOSTLY being a smart ass). I like to roll my own patches. Also,Long Flautando from Spitfire Symphonic Strings and the Ensemble String patch from Tundra.

Bluemount Score

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Big fan of the Albion Staccato/Spiccato string patches.
I like the sound as well, last time I checked it just irritated me that the high strings (therefore mostly violins) sounded too centered, even a bit on the right?
I have to go back and check the panning of the whole patch...