Your best 2018 purchase?

I see that the "most disappointing library" thread is making a come back to my front page, these days so I was wondering what's your best 2018 acquisition. The year is nearly over and even though there may still be Christmas sales coming our way, considering the Black Friday craze, I think now is a good time to reflect on your best purchase this year.

For me, I'm split between Steinberg Iconica, 8Dio Century Strings and Hybrid Two Project Chaos. All of these get tons of use but if I had to choose one as THE most satisfying purchase, I'd go with Steinberg Iconica.

What's yours?


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Cinematic Studio Strings + CSSS bundle. It's been on most of my works since purchase and I'm more than happy with it. Only gripe is lack of extended articulations, but I don't often need those and I have other libraries for those. Extremely good value for money.


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Musical Sampling bundle. Soaring Strings etc. Brilliant, playable libraries that I hope will be joined by some of their woodwinds someday.

Honourable mentions:
Embertone Walker
Caspian Brass


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Probably BWW. It mighhht be Ark2, but I haven't had enough time to mess with it properly yet to be able to make that determination.


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Taiko Creator and Caspian Brass (and most certainly Cinematic Studio Brass, if Alex gets it done before 2019 :grin:).


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So many good ones, but British Dramatic Toolkit, Olafur Arnalds Chamber Evolutions, Spitfire Solo Strings, and Time Macro have gotten the most use.
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8DIO's Agitato, the sordinos in particular, and Insolidus have most directly given me new abilities express ideas. Other in-the-template purchases include UVI World Suite and Audiobro Genesis. I suspect that Ark 1+2 will be favorites, but I've only had them for a few days.