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Discussion in 'Forum Suggestions and Complaints' started by Mike Greene, Oct 17, 2018.

  1. Lindon

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    OK, so no free ads, thats fine. How about for contributors with more than (say) 500 posts/replies - which is arbitrary but seems like it would be a "serious" contributor - they get access to tier 1 - you get zero additional emails/work and they get some payback?

    Just a thought.

  2. mouse

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    Oct 20, 2016
    Making tier 2 not show up on mobile would probably force more to pay for ads and tier 1.
  3. d.healey

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    Nov 2, 2011
    There are a few wordpress plugins available that allow you to set up a kind of ad store. Someone who wants an ad can buy one, upload an image, and then all you have to do is tick a box to approve it. Is there nothing similar available for whatever CMS the VI site uses?
  4. OP
    Mike Greene

    Mike Greene Administrator

    Great minds think alike. :grin: I have someone already who handles the day to day of ad changes and stuff. I'm not ready yet to reach out to other potential advertisers, though, because we're still tweaking the ad structure. (Very slowly. Ad revenue already more than pays the bills, so I'm not in a rush.)

    That would be fair. I'd probably also want to include a requirement that the company is small. Let me think on that.

    Yes, but then members on mobile wouldn't see all the announcements. Most people here want to see all announcements, whether Tier 1 or 2.

    There is, and we have it. There are snags, though, in that some advertisers here try to upload enormous images (sometimes as much as 10MB for a 728x90 gif, and a couple times over 50MB), so it still takes a lot of monitoring. Since these companies are small and don't have true art or tech departments, they have no idea how to make their gifs smaller, so there's a lot of hand holding to get things fixed.

    Also, the Portal page is Wordpress, so our ads plugin (which is on Xenforo) doesn't handle that page, so those have to be handled separately. That's really annoying, so I'm thinking about discontinuing ads on the Portal page, or maybe making them so they are "permanent" and can't be updated, or maybe making them more expensive if people update them, or ... something. I dunno.

    None of this is that big of an issue, though, and like I say, the current setup more than pays the bills, so I'm in no rush to make more changes. ;)
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    Well I, as a new (and decidedly small) developer, would love a marketing masterclass from you. Just sayin’...
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