WTB: Avid Artist Mix

RRBE Sound

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Hello All!

I am searching for an Avid Artist Mix, controller.

I am hoping to find one which have a ''student'' friendly price.

Price-vice maybe $200-300 and it must be shiped to Denmark.

I am looking forward to hear from you.

All the best
RRBE Sound

RRBE Sound

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Yea, I know it might be a little low. But you never know.. :)

I am hoping to get one which might be a little older and from someone who might have got a lot out of it :)

200-300$? Where have you seen such prices? I have one, almost new. But 700eur incl. shipping, that would be my offer.
Hehe great! - Thanks.

Hi Rune, fingers crossed for you to find at least 3 for that price, I'll take the other two from you immediately. Shipping's on me:)
Hehe sure.. :P