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Writing production music? Excellent advice here...



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So what does everyone who bought the book think of the advice? I'm reading through for a second time now, hoping I can make some money off the back of all this information.

For those who haven't tried it, you can read the first chapter for free HERE. Full book details HERE.


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Would love to hear some opinions, the book is pretty darn cheap and I'm very interested...

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I have read around 50 pages, and so far there's been very little new content for people who've read the SOS articles, but hopefully more new content will show up later in the book.


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I've red it now and I cannot say i'm overwhelmed. To be fair, I wasn't overwhelmed with the series publish in Sound On Sound at the beginning of the year either. To me, what Dan Graham writes is to repetitive and mostly boils down to a single message: "work hard, publish as much as you can, don't get ripped off on the way and in three years you'll start to see the pounds coming in". that might be true but the book doesn't necessarily help to make this true.

another thing I didn't enjoy much is the constant advertising for the author's own label, own craft and own sample library. probably not a big thing but it kind of feels a bit cheap to me.

what i've enjoyed is the short interviews, I believe there are some in the book which were not a part of the SOS articiles. but I might be wrong.

here are links to all 10 articles he published in sound on sound at the beginning of the year. read them, they're free. and if you feel you want more, consider the book. it won't add a ton on info but technically it is more pages and content.


the reason why I bought this book is the title. I wanted to know more about writing this type of music. as it turned out, the book doesn't really contain more info on the entire topic than chapter 7 of the (now) free SOS articles by the same author. in fact, most paragraphs sound damn familiar.
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I loved the SOS articles, does this book elaborate on the composing/ production side of things, or is it mostly business oriented?


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I loved the SOS articles, does this book elaborate on the composing/ production side of things, or is it mostly business oriented?
It's really more about the business side, but there are lots of tips about structure and editing of tracks too.

Heads up that this is the FINAL day to get the November early bird discount. Full price in December I'm afraid.

Full details HERE.
It's a saturated market now....
Too many libraries, too many composers and not enough money to go around.
Simple as that.
If you're thinking about going into it I really wouldn't bother and I would focus on doing commissioned work for film, tv, radio and games.
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