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Would a YouTube Video Series on this Interest you?

Cinematic Writing and Production in Ambisonics... Interesting?

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Rasoul Morteza

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Hi folks,

After a millennium of postponing my YouTube project, I've finally decided to start one with perhaps a series of videos on orchestral music in Ambisonics (HOA specifically); therefore the idea primarily concerns writing and production techniques when using orchestral samples for binaural output. Catchword: 3D Audio...

But first I wanted to have a general idea of how much of interest this may be, especially to users here who use samples quite often.

Appreciate the input, let me know what you think!

Cheers, RM


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I think Dolby Atmos has more relevance to the film and music industry than ambisonics. But yes, anything binaural is always welcome!
Rasoul Morteza

Rasoul Morteza

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Yes, Cubendo

What is the core thesis to the approach?
I have no set in stone formula, but I'm exploring various ways a musical content may be interpreted. For example, a repeating Ostinato pattern in my mind is analogous to a circular geometrical movement, i.e. rotational panning on the azimuth plane. Also the new timbral implications and possibilities when mixing in 3D...
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