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Wotan and Voices of War - Men of the North

Mister Jös

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Hello! :) Does anybody have both of these libraries Wotan from Strezov Sampling and Voices of War - Men of the North from Cinesamples and could share some insights about strengths and weaknesses and how they compare against each other? And both are marketed with nordic mythology in mind, how well do you think is this represented in the actual samples? Would be very interesting!


The name of Wotan is just there for the cool effect, the library is not actually meant to be a foray into vikingesque choral stuff. The patches are pretty classic, legatos, syllabes, sustains, maybe a couple shouts (that's an excellent library, though)

Men of the North does lean towards cinematic, tribal content. There's fourths / fifths sustains, variable pitch sustains, ancient Norse words, growls, etc… their walkthrough pretty much showcases it all

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