World of Life (piano & orchestra) - Hollywood Strings Diamond, Cinewinds & Cinebrass

Hi guys !
Here is my music for piano and orchestra entitled 'World of Life'.
It gives an overview of the capacities of the beautiful Hollywood Strings Diamond vst, and also Cinewinds and Cinebrass. Let me know your impressions.
I hope you'll like it !
Thanks for listening. Anthony

Rodney Money

On V.I. avoiding work.
Very pleasant and beautiful, sometimes Yanni-like, sometimes uplifting inspiring message on YouTube-like. I cannot comment on the technical side of things, but to me so far the orchestra sounds more like a pad accompaniment to the piano. BTW, what's up with :20?


Thank you Rodney Rodney for your feed-back on my music. It's the main issue to make vsti sound the more realistic as possible. I have done my best to give life and breath to the libraries I work with. It's always a big challenge !
And yes, you're not the first to tell me for that interval of 2nd that is surprising and sounds weird at 0:20, but it is intentionnal.