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Workflow, software and hardware for multiple PC setup with VE Pro


Hi all,

Are there any recommendations for software/hardware/workflow tips for a multi-PC (2 or 3) setup using VE Pro. For example, I imagine that the individual instruments on the slaves will still need tweaking and manipulating from the Master DAW sometimes, so what software would you recommend to avoid using more than one mouse etc? I have loads more questions along those sorts of lines.

I imagine it's the sort of thing that some generous soul has made a Youtube series on, so I'd be grateful for any help in that direction. And yes, I know google is my friend, so I'll also be doing my own legwork, but it's always worth asking here as well.




Yes, I think I'm going to have to add a dedicated monitor as well. I used to use Synergy a long time ago, glad to see it's still kicking around. Thanks


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I have used synergy as well. I also installed a separate network card in each computer and then use RDP over that link. I dont get any artifacts when I do that.


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I've used RDP or Splashtop in the past as well but didn't want to have extra cpu cycles to send that screen display over network, even if it's on a different interface.
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