Workflow advice re: crescendi and dynamic layers in a piece


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Can anyone advise the best workflow for dealing with crescendi in a piece of music?

For example, if I'm composing a piece of trailer music in 3 sections which builds to a climax ...

Are there set dynamic levels / outputs you guys work to in each section?

Is there a standard db range I should be using to guide me from the beginning to the end of the piece?

And specifically with crescedni - what is the best way to approach this? Use CC1/11 on each instrument throughout a piece? I'm trying this at the moment but getting massively bogged down.

Or is is easier to just alter dynamic by section?

Thanks! :faint:


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I'm always playing CCs together with the notes. No standard dB range, just ears. Playing softer sounds better (rarely touching 127 in CC lanes for more than half a second). CC-editing only on overlapping parts. If it sounds bad but the notes are ok, I delete the CCs and re-record them.