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Work in progress... EDIT: Work Completed - with live orchestra!


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Originally wrote a 60sec piece for a game that didn't get used. Now trying to turn it into a 2+min track for other uses. The catch is, I'm experimenting with writing in Sibelius (and Noteperforner) instead of Cubase and all the VSTs. Also leaving all of the percussion out of it for now.
This is a whole new workflow for me. What I've discovered so far: it's generally a lot easier to flesh out an established idea by eliminating all of the MIDI programming. On the other hand, it's a lot more cumbersome to test out and iterate new ideas.

Not exactly groundbreaking observations.

Anyway, having a lot of second guesses about the overall form, and haven't quite put my finger on what it needs. For one thing, I think the "lyrical" section needs a lot of work (it was fine as a short 8 bar transition in the :60, but feels like it needs more justification in a longer piece).



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It sounds good! Nice composition.
Live recordings just sound so much better then midi mockups. So full of life.
Thank you for sharing.
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