Windows update killed SINE

Taj Mikel

Hope this is the right place for this.

I performed the latest Windows update yesterday, and today when I boot up my project SINE player is asking me to activate its installation, requesting my email and password. I provide these and then receive a message that SINE is already active on my system, and that further activation of the installation can not be completed. Does anyone know how to fix this? i sent an email to OT support, waiting for a reply (they're usually pretty quick in my experience).


Edit to add* this occurs in standalone as well as within Cubase


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I had the same problem after I updated W10 a couple of months ago(not the latest update). For me, I was using my Orchestral Tools login credentials which are different then the ones I used to sign up for Sine. If you have used different info, try that, it worked for me.


I ran into the same issue. I was able to resolve it by entering my same username and password, but changing the name of the computer it is activated on.