Windows Laptop, what to get right now?


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I plan to buy a new laptop for some usage at home. It needs to handle bigger Sound Design DAW projects in Ableton, Reaper or Cubase. Some light gaming perhaps, but not necessarily and programming tasks. As I am slowly transferring from Mac to Windows right now at work, I also want to stay away from Apple for my home computer. Building a tower is not an option, it needs to be a laptop.
I find it quite hard to find the right machine. Either you get bulky gaming laptops with a lot of power, good upgradeability, good port selection, but I do not need massive gaming power, just for some casual gaming from time to time. Or you get slim and portable ultrabooks with the drawbacks that game with the reduced volume.

Right now I am thinking about either a Gigabyte Aero 15X (or the new Classic) or a Huawei Matebook X Pro. I would like to stay below 2000€, better 1500€.

Does someone have a great recommendation?