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Thank you for the insights @TigerTheFrog, very cool. Do you mostly make orchestral music or soundtracks or ? Seems like maybe a mix given some of the guitar and piano solo instruments.


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You all have one less person to compete with because I'm not going to sign up. :)

I totally get how a pro would want infinite tools but I'm an amateur and the ONLY thing I want to do is fill up every moment I have left making music. Today I have more than enough libraries to do that for the rest of my life.

I simply don't have the time to spend exploring all those libraries. Every preset? Every articulation? What's the point if you don't know them as well as you do the ones you use every day today?
You know what? I think you have a good point and I'll follow your example.

And also I'd probably get a crushing sense of guilt if I were to win this, because I'm just not good enough as a composer to even scratch the potential of such a huge collection. And I'm just a hobbyist, I'd feel like taking something important away from someone who needs it more. This could be a gamechanger for someone just starting out and wanting to go pro, whereas I would still stay a hobbyist.

Good luck to y'all!


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If I won (99.99999% I won't, lol) you can send me the codes and emtpy hard drives :P, and then I can put there myself all the downloaded stuff. I'd pay a fee for the bandwidth if that is a concern (I hope just a few bucks? lol) and taxes evaded period. Although around here I shouldn't have to pay anything. I've bought stuff from UK through ebay (a snare DW) didn't have to pay a dime. Cheers.


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Because it's exceedingly annoying to keep being suckered into these types of raffles and never hearing about anyone ever winning them. Which makes them feel like confidence schemes.

Heavyocity never seemed to have announced a winner for theirs either.
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