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Wife argues with me because I don't like the 'trailer' type music she just got


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For the sake of argument, good music is effective music, and effective music is effective art, and effective art is effectively eliciting the intended emotion for the person experiencing it.

If your wife is emotionally moved by simple music - that's fine. One of the more bazaar times in my life I spent 2 and a half months listening to white noise - and it's oddly relaxing. I don't expect everyone to appreciate trout mask replica, and that's okay too.

Williams music is actually very much the same exact thing on a smaller level, considering he crafts melodies exactly the same way. idea, idea +, idea +++, idea plus something new and interesting but familiar.


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here is our first piece of motivic information


minor tonic, stepwise.


followed by an arpeggiation of the V7 chord.(omitting the 3rd)


another of the first bit, minor tonic stepwise motif - followed by ANOTHER arpeggiation of the V chord(this time with the flattened 2nd akin to the neopolitan)


Now we have yet ANOTHER repeat of the very first motif - followed by a descending stepwise motion chromatically
chromatic stepwise motion ended by another quasi dominant arpeggio(I'm not sure on the ending, I never watched the harry potter films - so this is going by my fuzzy recollection from hearing mockups)

This is literally why his melodies work - he holds your hand by giving you every piece of new information along with a healthy dose of something he's already got you established and comfortable with.

I mean, Star Wars main title is a 5th leap, step wise motion down to the 2nd - leaping up to the octave of the tonic - then stepwise from 5-2 then back up to the octave, then back to the 5-2 but changes the order so it cadences on the 2nd degree.

its basically a major scale for crying out loud, and the imperial march is literally an Eb major arpeggio melodically, up to the D from G(a perfect 5th from the original note on the 2nd part of the phrase, what a shocker! notice a pattern with all 3 examples? I-V-I-V-I-V? he's probably the first composer to use I-V-I) then an Eb minor arpeggio down back to an Eb major arpeggio.

All these complicated... wait, they aren't really complicated - they're just carefully planned patterns that are extremely comfortable to the ear and familiar.

I'm not trying to be condescending, but I think if you're going to music snob a little, I'd help you see that you're literally attracted to someone who's simply better at using a pattern, adding something new, pattern again, new again, ect. Maybe you misunderstand how melody works, or why this type of patterning works - but it's absolutely key, and invaluable to creating relatable(useful) music.

I'm not saying I find generic trailer type music enjoyable, but it's effective for all the same reasons - and literally anyone here can continue to learn by what others seem to gravitate to. We could sit back and grouch about it, but at the end of the day - someone is doing something right to turn heads, and if you have to break the music down into smaller bites, you can still be incredible.

John Williams is just exceptionally good at getting you to "eat your veggies" to the point that you get to ear more deserts(interesting twists and payoffs) because he cooks the veggies better.


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It really is just an expensive hobby for me
Anyways....the wife challenged me to make something similar, so I gave it a whirl.

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Exactle how I feel about Jazz, hahah. And Asmr (which I love , it's not music but you get the point)


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That's right. Some of the songs I used to like 100 or 200 years ago have truly grown on me, while others feel and sound sooo outdated.
I guess you've never heard of Mozart, Bach or Beethoven..
Beatles songs are now 50+ years old and are still around.. I doubt people will be whistling rap songs in 50 years..
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Most modern Jazz and New Age all sounds alike to me, but I like both...and yes, I cannot remember most of those tunes if my life depended on it. I just like the music for some reason, that's all that matters.

If these are the arguments that surround your marriage, you are in good shape!
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