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Why Zebra 2 is the best? That's why:


Star Of Stage & Screen
It actually replaced my SE-1Xs.
I did have to buy an SE-02 though because I need the contrast.
But ZHZ tracks with correct resonance the entire range of an 88 note zone.
Its also got separate oscillator glide and MSEG and OSC presets are a fast workflow.

I get great Subtractive Analog, polyphonic or monophonic, Wavetable, FM, and Additive synthesis, w/ great Diva and XMP Filters.

I actually retired Solaris after I learned my way around Zebra.

Now I use a small portable rack with hardware FX, and hardware modules, a single 8 zone MIDI Controller and Im fast at setting up and sound fierce.

Zebra3....who cares?
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