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Why is it music pops into my dream when I'm having a nightmare?


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David Yanez here, greetings from Salinas, California.

So a few weeks ago I had this weird dream I was in my backyard on my hill at night, dark, I could see the light -- from what looks to be coming from flames -- and something was coming right toward me! More like a group of figures I don't know what. As they started moving in closer I heard this chant, heavy, brass playing, this same line of music over and over again. When I woke up I remembered it and hummed the melody and chant and recorded it to my phone

Just yesterday I had a weird dark dream, can't remember what happened but I remember hearing that same piece of music I heard weeks ago.
So I hum the melody into my phone and saved it just as I did the first time.

A year ago I also had this very dark dream where I'm on this tall green hedge and down below me is fire, people being tortured. I'll never forget that dream, just awful. Anyways the piece of music was so memorable (at least to my ears) I was able to play it on my guitar. But I get sad when I play it cause it brings me back to that nightmare that I had.

Also, I've had this chord progression I've been working on for about 6 months; been struggling to find the right notes, chord arrangement, then I had this weird creepy dream where I'm standing on the corner of my room watching myself finally being able to play the piece of music I've been struggling to play for a very long time. When I woke up I was finally able to play that piece of music.

For the past 2 months I've been having weird, nightmar-ish dreams with music being played. From where I don't know. It all seems to be original work/material cause I ain't never heard it nowhere.

I'm working on my little studio in my bedroom so I plan to arrange everything I've heard in my dreams and compose the music onto my midi controller using my new libraries I bought this past summer. Hopefully first week of November I get started.

Anybody ever have a piece of music come to them from a dream and compose it into a piece of music after they heard it from dream? How did that piece of music turn out?

I'm curious to see if there's anybody out there that had dreams where they hear music unheard before and later compose it into a piece of music.


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Really fascinating. At a guess, based on zero expertise in these matters, I'd say that your waking self has been letting the critical, analytical faculties get in the way of the creative, generative drives.

I have often dreamt music, but I have consistently failed to develop it fully. I hope you allow yourself to complete this project.

I have written prose fiction based on my dreams; but I think dreams generally suit poetry and music better.

Thank you for sharing.


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Keith Richards: “I wrote 'Satisfaction' in my sleep. I had no idea I'd written it, it's only thank God for the little Philips cassette player. The miracle being that I looked at the cassette player that morning and I knew I'd put a brand-new tape in the previous night, and I saw it was the end.”

Paul McCartney vividly remembers that morning: “I woke up with a lovely tune in my head. I thought, ‘That’s great, I wonder what that is?’ There was an upright piano next to me, to the right of the bed by the window. I got out of bed, sat at the piano, found G, found F sharp minor 7th – and that leads you through then to B to E minor, and finally back to E. It all leads forward logically. I liked the melody a lot but because I’d dreamed it I couldn’t believe I’d written it. I thought, ‘No, I’ve never written like this before.’ But I had the tune, which was the most magic thing. And you have to ask yourself, ‘Where did it come from?’ But you don’t ask yourself too much or it might go away…There are certain times when you get the essence, it’s all there. It’s like an egg being laid – not a crack or flaw in it.” (Yesterday)
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