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Which Spitfire library for fantasy magical stuff?


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Hi all,
I am getting on a fantasy game soundtrack endeavor and after evaluating on hand choices I am seemingly lacking in textural woodwinds department. Hollywoodwinds is great, Symphobias will be handy as well, but what Spitfire product will do me justice - Tundra, Masse, Evogrid 4 or maybe UIST? All the walkthroughs are on my watching list, but please share your Spitfire fantasy writing experiences if you have any. Thanks.


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Could you please post some musical examples of what you're going for? Most "fantasy magical" woodwinds just come from good orchestration, not any special FX. Also, is there a reason you're limiting yourself to Spitfire?


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I'll throw Loegria (Albion 2) out there, without knowing exactly what you need or are trying to accomplish.


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That is an odd question. If I were doing medieval fantasy I would go for either Rinascimento or Era II for a somewhat 'realistic' sound. Of course if the game folks don't know the difference between the sounds of the 1500s and the 2000s or just want modern pads, I suppose realism doesn't matter.


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Most folks don't know authenticity even if you throw it at them.

I can only get behind Lawson and say the same - it's the writing/orchestration. Spitfires Symphonic Woodwinds are really great (as are Berlin WW) - so both would fill the bill very nice.

Honestly, when thinking fantasy and magic - I don't think of clusters and textures, but more runs and lines. If you can give a reference of what you're after, we might help better - but so far I'll leave you with two fantasy/magical cues I know:



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Yes, the Swarms are what I opened this thread to recommend. But OP is looking for woodwinds... honestly the woodwinds do not play much "textural" or "extended technique" stuff in traditional movie scoring. While there are some cool textures in libraries like Tundra, they won't make you sound like John Williams. I think your best bet is to buy some of the conductor's scores of the Harry Potter suites from Hal Leonard and study JW's woodwind writing. If you have any one of VSL Winds, Spitfire Symphonic Winds, or Berlin Woodwinds, you have the tools needed to replicate that writing in samples.

I'd skip Hollywoodwinds as it's way too easy and tempting to just drag and drop runs and trills and sound like a horrible JW pastiche. There's more sophistication to this than just throwing ww runs on everything.


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I'm just going to basically concur with what @garyhieibner suggested above. It may be worthwhile to check out Lumina from Project Sam as well as any Spitfire products you deem to be suitable.

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SSO+Albion 2+Perc Redux. Everything you need there to get started in that medium. I'd recommend ProjectSam's Lumina and a bunch of Eduardo Tarilonte's libraries. All of those working in conjunction with each other would produce a lot of pro output.


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Orchestral String Runs by OT
A good harp (preferably one with a good selection of glissandi)
Lumina is a nice one.
SF Percussion has great tuned perc - use lots of it!

Other then that it's just picking your preferred samples for the main articulations.
Also, listen to alot of fantasy music and take notes of what's going on orchestration-wise, composition-wise and so on - learn from it. (JNH's Maleficent and Snow White are really nice fantasy scores)

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I agree with what's been said here about orchestration, but considering that OP mentioned "textural woodwinds," I don't think runs are what he's referring to - he's probably looking for more uncommon/esoteric articulations.


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Well ..... aaaarrrrggghhhhh !!!
Ignorant learner her ..... another day of this and there won't be much left in the universe to not try ... :P

Some capable contributors so far, but sounds like solution is solely in each creator's dreams/nightmares ....

If OP has feet planted carefully, then WW solution is what is desired? If NOT, then perhaps any thing goes ....

Maybe OP can make new post sorting what has transpired ??
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Sorry, I didn't answer what the OP was asking.

I'll be direct. I only have SF Albion and Percussion, so I have no idea what Spitfire libraries will bring magical/fairy like Woodwind FX to the table.

I have a list of ones that I use, but none of them are Spitfire. If the OP wants to know what they are, I'll happily let him know.



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I know this is not traditional woodwinds but Andy Findon's Kitbag has some very cool "Artisan Longs" which are good for texture, just be careful as they have (sometimes completely) different RR each time!

OT also have Berlin WW Expansion D for FX that has some interesting techniques/textures.
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