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Which sounds better?


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Honestly, neither sound very realistic. And the flute (I think it's a flute) is out of tune with the rest of the ensemble. I would "write for the samples"-- know their strengths and go with that. It doesn't feel complete where it ends, so I'd make it longer.


The flute is painfully, dreadfully flat. I had a hard time hearing past this, though it does seem stale in the articulation department as well. I'm not sure what the central idea is, since half of it seems like an extended cadence. Identify your first sentence, make it as brief as possible, and go from there.


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It's hard to tell, given the flute's horrible flatness, but the strings seem to have issues also. Aside from the tuning, to be honest, neither of these pieces work very well and both finish suddenly.


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I actually like the flute flatness... anyhow, back to the drawing board.

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Brings back wonderful memories of a high school sight-reading one of my pieces, but don't take that as an insult, my friend. There is in its on right a type of beautiful innocence about it that you captured beautifully. In your quest for realism did you detune the flute and strings?
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