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Which reverb?


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No offense but those of you saying "Valhalla," pls be more specific. That's a company, not a reverb. :)


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Get Valhalla vintage verb, Supermassive, and Valhalladelay for a total of $100 and you'll be set for awhile. They have free demos/trials and they're amazing plugins.

Also, check out trials of FF Pro-R, Izotope Neoverb, Eventide Blackhole.


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Which reverb?

The ones I use, of course ;)

A more serious answer would be that I don’t believe there are actually any bad reverts anymore. Freebies and those that come with DAW are often all that is necessary.

From there, you can start to demo and make choices based on different factors e.g workflow, features and specific types of sounds. However, don’t forget to brush up on certain reverb techniques and learning to leverage compression and EQ to bend ‘verbs to your will.

For specific recommendations the Valhalla offerings are great value and don’t skimp on quality. Also the aforementioned Nimbus/R4 is a solid combo, that’ll often be seen at no-brainer prices. The only downside is it’s still a little unclear how these plugins will fit into Izotope’s new subscription model. I don’t own any of the above, but was impressed when demoing.
Valhalla Room for blend. And Spaces 2 for a sense of.. well, space.

Not that I’m a reverb pro by any means. I doubt I could tell the difference between any two reverbs. Not even sure they’re better than Space Designer, the stock plugin that comes with Logic.


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I strongly agree with those who say to try the demos of anything you're considering... and compare them to the reverbs you already own.

I was all set to buy some of the highly recommended reverbs. But then I compared them to the stock reverbs in my DAW and you guessed it... I liked the stock reverbs as well, if not better.

Disclaimer: I'm not highly sophisticated when it comes to reverbs.

Justin L. Franks

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Either use the reverbs you already have in your DAW (all the major DAWs have very usable reverbs), pick up Valhalla Room for $50, or wait until R4 goes on sale again for $30 or less at PluginBoutique. I picked it up for $29 a couple of months ago.
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