Which Non-OT Strings for Berlin Brass?


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For those of you who have (or know a lot about) Berlin Strings--- if someone were going to be buying Berlin Brass soon, but didn't own Berlin Strings, which string library would you recommend they get while they save for OT Strings? Hollywood? CSS? CineStrings? Teldex is a scoring stage so which do you think would blend best (after Berlin Strings?).

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I was just thinking about this! Specifically wondering whether Teldex (Berlin) and Trackdown (CSS) would be easy or difficult to mix together.

Here is a reverb test with CSS. Staccato, legato, then spiccato. Strings in 5 octaves. This is with the standard mix.

If other people can contribute with their libraries we can get an apples to apples comparison.

By zooming in on the waveforms I found that CSS has 1.4 second long reverb tails on the spiccatos (I measured from the peak of the spiccato sample to complete silence). The tail on the staccatos is a bit longer, 2.0 seconds? And on the legatos it's hardest to measure, but strangely it seems the shortest of all, somewhere between 1.0-1.3 seconds long.


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You're looking for a matching library to another library you don't even have now by listening to reverb tails? Seriously?


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Makes sense to me, he already knows he wants to build his template around BBR so he's looking for a strings library that will sit well with it.

To my ears BST is very slightly lusher than CSS? Not much difference though.


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Based on owning Berlin Strings, and having listened a lot to demos of other libraries, I would have chosen CSS (out of those you mention). Or, if you can stretch the budget a little further: consider Spitfire Chamber Strings, which is different enough from Berlin Strings to be a useful product also after you have bought Berlin Strings.


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If it's anything like the rest of the Berlin series, pretty much any other library will match with it. You may have to tweak the reverb a bit, but I've noticed that the Teldex sound sits pretty well with whatever other libraries you use.