Which is Your goto VI for analog synth sounds?


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Sorry for the bump but i don´t know what it is but i never felt such a nice analog vibrant sound like with P900. It could be just that it meets my brain frequencies or whatever but i cannot find such nice filters and meaty, saturated sounds in other software synths.
I think it will be my all time favorite for the next decade at least since no one comes close for me for this special kind of sound. So organic and meaty without any extern FX. It might be also the intern FX which i find better than in most of my other synths as well (when it comes to analog/vintage style sounds and wonderful meaty saturated harmonics).
Just 2 presets with a sloppy Logic beat behind it.


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It is a software modular synth from PulsarModular...but mac and AU only!
And sadly seems abandonded as well (but still runs on the latest OS and Logic here).
However, you have to take it from of my cold death hands...

Mark Schmieder

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Hah! I'll look into it; had never heard of it. I'm on macOS so may be in luck. My initial guess was some sort of virtual Prophet, but I'll look it up after lunch.


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Personally, I use Kontakt libraries for such sounds more often rather than actual VI synth replicas, but I have some of those in my collection as well. Speaking of Kontakt libraries, as a NI Komplete user, my favorite sources of analog synth sounds are probably Retro Machines MK2 and the new Analog Dreams libraries. I particulary like the "synth" sounds featured in Spitfire Audio's eDNA Earth and Albion series, although those are based on warped orchestral recordings rather than on actual synth sources. I'm very pleased with the synth sounds from some smaller developers such as CL-Projects and Karanyi too.

I can't say I'm much of a synth sounds programmer when working with virtual instruments and sample libraries, though I have experience in programming hardware devices for live performances. Speaking of VI synths, Monark comes to mind first, though I also have Vacuum Pro and Hybrid synths from AIR Music Technology. I think that their VI's are perhaps a bit underappreciated in comparison to many "bigger" names. Speaking of which, I'm really looking forward to toying with the new Massive X. Currently I cannot use it as my present CPU isn't compliant, but I will hopefully finally build a new system next month which will also allow me to explore that particular synth. From what I've heard in the demos, it is capable and contains a lot of sounds suitable for styles outside the EDM and similar genres, which is probably the main reason I find it interesting.

Pier Bover

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That P900 sounds really nice! It's a shame to hear it might be abandoned... at least it's 64 bits so it works in Catalina.

Anyone tried Bazille? It's another modular type of synth from U-he (makers of Diva, Repro, Zebra, etc).

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I had several analogs I lugged around because of the sound quality.
I eventually replaced them.
The trick is to drive the Diva Filters with XMP Filters, pre Diva.

Ive got it doing all of my OBX, Solaris (most) and FS1r sounds.
Its monophonic quality is surprisingly strong too, but I still require the SE-02 as no software can out power a 3 Oscillator discrete audio synth.
uHe gets damn close though.

When I first got Omnisphere I was disappointed with its excessive FX and rather thin sound. Keyscape came along and I gave up on synth aspects.
But with 2.6 I can build each patch from 8 various sound sources.
I can do pretty much everything I need with the exception of monophonic analog stuff.

ZebraHZ is super capable at this because they listened to people that complained about portamento sounding wimpy.
So they use separate amounts of glide, not per oscillator like a Moog or Oberheim but 2 amounts which is very effective.

Mostly ZebraHZ rocks because Im using it alongside of mic’d/triggered acoustic kits, Ampeg and Vox/Marshall stacks.
Most synths sound good until you play alongside powerful players.
They just fizz out like somebody hung a couple shirts over your speaker.

Not with ZebraHZ.
That dog will hunt...
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I also find some combinations especially sounding great like P900 with some Replika-XT on top.
Or a 3 layer preset with Replika-XT, Precedence and Breeze 2.
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Rod Wilson
I have been fascinated by the sound of HEXERACT BY AUDDICT which has a 50% off sale. I would like other's options, particularly those who have used ZebraHZ. While the interface is cool, all the sequences I have listened to seem to evolve sonically in ways I have not noticed with other synths. Without having the synths side by side I am not able to compare. I have Avenger but it does not seem to have the sonic depth of the demos I have heard with ZebraHZ. Here's the link for the sale incase anyone is interest. https://www.hexeractsynth.com/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=hex&fbclid=IwAR2Hj-vCWpGP8tEoU6C653bdarveHx-RUz-0HQvlaoWZvsSl3cLZs6WdE0g#videos


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For folks using both hands when they play Zebra, it has this great feature on its oscillators where you can attenuate volume anywhere on the keyboard.
Then use the Amp EG for shaping so you get great choppy bass synth parts with the comp separated.
Omnisphere’s EG is pretty good for this too but lacks the Oscillator “parametrics” that dial this in with perfection.
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Pier Bover

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To my surprise, I’ve been reaching for Dune 3 more and more for straight up analog subtractive sounds. That and Diva.
All the Dune 3 demos I've heard are annoying EDM supersaw stuff... but I read somewhere that Synapse had included the tech from their analog modeled filters used in The Legend.