Which is Your goto VI for analog synth sounds?

Jonas Hallstrom

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Analog sytle, organic, warm (insert adjective)
It doesn't have to be an emulation of a real hardware synth.

A motivation of why this is your favorite would be great!


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P900 by a country mile. No one gots that nice (polyphonic)saturation on high resonance so well.
Also great is Repro, Model D app and Zeeon app but P900 is my first choice and very versatile as it is a modular (with 8 voices polyphony).
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First call remains Wayoutware TimewARP2600, this thing just sounds amazing. Next up would be Zebra and Repro. I just picked up Diva, and I expect that to work its way towards the top of the list. Also not to be ignored, and of the GForce synts, and especially Oddity. Disclosure, I learned to program synthesizers on the Arp Oddesey and 2600, so I'm sure I am biased.