Which choir library best suits the Halo video game style?


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This is kinda the sound I'm going for. Insolidus from 8dio looks fine, but seems to be geared towards syllables more. Haven't been impressed with the softness in the Oos in Olympus Micro. Looking for some solid legato too. I know these are high criteria, but don't know where to look.

Mike T

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Have you looked at Spitfire's choir? That's definitely where I'd turn for this kind of thing.


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Voices of War comes very close to it, as long as you stay within the normal range. I just hope they cleanup some of the lower legato transitions at some point as there are some noticeable bumps.


Strezov Wotan is quite good for it too, you get a larger range of things to do with it. But if you want specifically "the halo thing" and that only, Voices of War will do it.