Where to post mockups?

I have a mockup I'd like to post, but it's not an original composition (it's by Albinoni), so I'm not sure if 'Member's Compositions' is the appropriate place.

I used to post these kinds of recordings to Sample Talk, but I think the policy changed awhile back, and it's no longer appropriate to post them there, at least to the extend of starting a new thread (if it's relevant to a discussion, it seems to be ok). But don't quote me on that.

At any rate, where's the best place to post a mockup that is not an original composition?



Senior Member
If you're just sharing for the sake of sharing and getting feedback, I'd use Member's Compositions. Many people do.
If you're sharing a mockup to talk about a product you used in it, then I would think sample talk would be suitable.
In the end, if it's in the wrong place, the mods will move it. But for something like this i don't think you have much to worry about.