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Where are you from? And what is your stereotype?


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I'm from northern Germany. No cuckoo clocks, leather pants, or German Carnival up there. We have a good sense of humor but we never show it.

Unfortunately I'm living in the middle of Germany now where everything is different. Especially me.


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One american friend once said he imagines us germans to party hard, and work even harder.
I told him he'd be a better german than me ;)

German Angst is an intersting stereotype. Also we love insurances and bureaucracy.


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I was born and still live in California (La La Land). I had to find a wife in Germany and am still married after 30 years.


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I am dutch and my stereotype is too. (the intelligent stereotype that is.. we have two types in our country: intelligent and not)
I am Indonesian, we are very friendly and like to laugh like this wkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkkkkkk

Oops sorry
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I’m half English half French. Not necessarily a good combination. English imperialist crossed with French arrogance. But I love Germans because they speak backwards and it always makes me laugh. Reference Peter Ustinov at the Gibraltar Grand Prix for stereotypes. Priceless . ”You can’t stand anyway up.”
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I'm Australian and currently living in the United States.. there are just so many stereotypes I get asked about on a daily basis! So I want to write a huge essay on this topic using some help of https://www.topwritersreview.com/reviews/mymathgenius/! Mainly to do with animals, you know, koalas, deadly spiders and such others. Do I wrestle with crocodiles? Do I ride rangaroos? I don't see any of those animals besides in the zoo.. actually I haven't seen ANY stray or wild animal before. What surprises people is that like 90% of Australians live in the large cities. We are not all crocodile dundees or whatever is conceived as the typical Australian haha.
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I'm Finnish. I barely drink. A sauna is a waste of space. What I do, though, is go back to Lapland for some peace and quiet every chance I get. And I WILL start sharpening my axe if I spot a stranger within 1km of my house.


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Swiss. So I am filthy rich, and live on cheese and chocolate exclusively. Apart from that I am just plain weird. If you are American you might think that I am from Sweden. But nothing could be further from the truth. Swedes are friendly, good looking, funny, and intelligent.

By the way, have you ever heard our language? You might have wondered whether this severe throat affliction is at all cureable. When a Swiss responds to a German, invariably the German will react by saying 'Gesundheit!' - because they'll think the Swiss coughed or sneezed. I mean, to the question 'Where is the dishware?' a Swiss answers with 'Im Chuchichästli. Im Chuchichästli!'. Try saying that three times in a row.

Apart from the inhabitants, Switzerland is actually not that bad. Come visit us one time. Your money is already here.
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East. Running away from pentatonics, only to have it chase me down like a madman.

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I have so many "backgrounds" I think they may cancel each other out.

Scottish, English, Dutch, German, Austrian and Norwegian blood, born and raised in South Africa and living in Australia since age 12.

If there's a stereotype for this concoction I'd like to hear it. :laugh:


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I'm Dutch too and the one cookie is typical for the north of The Netherlands. In the south they give you the cookie jar and tell you to take whatever you like.
Ha yes indeed, well I am orignally from Friesland, so guess that makes sence :grin:
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