When your PC becomes a radio tower

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    does any of you had to fight with electro magnetic interference (EMI) coming from your computer?
    I´ve discovered recently that my bass guitar is picking up interference coming from my PC. The closer I get to the case the more noisy it goes. Pretty nasty when using some gain on the signal. Now I am planning to shield my guitars delicate parts with copper tape and ground that. Maybe my PC case is poorly shielded and could use some treatment aswell ...

    Anyone had similar problems? Ideas how to cut the noise pollution ?
    If this is the wrong forum pls feel free to move this thread.
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    Mar 23, 2014
    My issue may have been different but in case it helps... I had some noise using my Focusrite sound card, especially noticeable when surfing the web and using the scroll wheel on web pages. After some research and trial and error, the culprit turned out to be the front audio jack plugged into the mobo. Since I don't use the front audio and didn't even bother installing the internal sound card drivers since I just use my Focusrite I disconnected the cable from that front audio jack to the motherboard and all was well. Apparently that cable was acting like an antenna and picking up noise from the system and passing it through the USB . Using a USB filter also solved it, however that caused my Focusrite to lose sync from time to time so I finally just cracked open the case and removed that cable.

    Hope this helps.
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    Mar 12, 2013
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    In the old days of gigging this was a frequent problem. Most DI boxes have a ground lift switch that usually kills this.

    But pickups are magnets and anything electrical always has the possibility of causing interference. Its how guitarists managed to get feedback by standing in front of their speakers after all...

    Decent shielded guitar leads are a good start, but always keep back from electrical stuff when possible.

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