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Hi there,
I'm very glad to share a piece of ethnic re-arrangment that I cherish very much last year. You can hear the effect of BWW &SStW etc in this piece as a solo instrument. I am very surprised by the performance of these instruments in this piece.
If you come across works of the ethnic orchestral, you can also consider them.

Solo Instruments List:
  1. Piccolo Flute_BWW
  2. Flute (Flute 1)_BWW
  3. Oboe (Oboe 1)_BWW
  4. English Horn_BWW
  5. Bassoon (Bassoon 1)_SStW
  6. Piccolo Trumpet_SStB
  7. Trumpet (Trumpet 1)_EW Hollywood Brass Diamond
  8. Celesta_(CinePerc)
  9. Violin_Spitfire Solo Strings_Virtuoso
  10. Cello_Spitfire Solo Strings
  11. Nylon Guitar_Ample (AGL)
2 ethnic instruments in this piece are highly recommended:
  1. Turkish Mey_Best Service_Ancient ERA
  2. Bendhir_Best Service_Ancient ERA (I have been looking for this tone, thanks to BS. Although it provides a lot of MIDI loops, I still insist on playing by myself, haha)

In addition, please allow me to talk about this work. The producer loves his own ethnic very much. He wants to rearrange the ancient song through orchestra, hoping that more people can hear it. I was very moved by his feelings for his ethnic and land.

Nowadays, most producers require composer's piece are all-match, can be used not only in ancient mythology, but also in war and modern urban. However, it's too small need for music that focuses on emotion, humanity, and the theme of nature and environment protection. That's why I refused a lot of jobs.

Thank you for your patience to read my words. (I'm very apology for my poor English. I hope my translation app can accurately express what I want to say. If it's not good, tell me please, I'll change the app)

And, I hope you like this ethnic orchestra.

Best regards
From Las Vegas
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