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When media composers write concert works

Discussion in 'Composition, Orchestration & Technique' started by Rodney Money, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. Rodney Money

    Rodney Money My wife made me cut my hair.

    Mar 6, 2015
    I recently discovered this: John Williams' Trumpet Concerto. Thoughts?
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  2. miket

    miket Senior Member

    May 17, 2016
    As far as his concertos go, I think I prefer his entry for flute, and also Tree Song.
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  3. Piano Pete

    Piano Pete Senior Member

    Jan 5, 2017
    His tuba concerto is pretty boss.
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  4. OP
    Rodney Money

    Rodney Money My wife made me cut my hair.

    Mar 6, 2015
    I will have to check that out!
  5. Paul T McGraw

    Paul T McGraw Senior Member

    Feb 14, 2012
    I have been perplexed by Williams complete change in style and aesthetic when he wrote concert works. Who is the real Williams? The man who wrote all of the great movie soundtracks or the man who wrote the concert works?

    It is really hard for me to stop thinking about that issue in order to think about the work itself. However, I would never sit down to listen to music and think, "Aha, I think I want to listen to a Williams concerto." It just never happens. With the possible exception of the tuba concerto, none of his concert works are memorable for me.
  6. AlexanderSchiborr

    AlexanderSchiborr Senior Member

    May 1, 2014
    Well that is writing for commercial purposes vs writing music for yourself probably? I value his concert works a lot though they are not that of an easy listening like his commercial stuff. Also his older stuff is interesting which helps to understand his developement better.
  7. jamieboo

    jamieboo Senior Member

    Jul 11, 2015
    I often have the desire to listen to Williams' Bassoon Concerto - 'The Five Sacred Trees' - I think it is beautiful!
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  8. Piano Pete

    Piano Pete Senior Member

    Jan 5, 2017
    Paul, I think you just gotta take both of them for what they are, the film and concert works. I cant imagine either are disingenuous.
  9. Living Fossil

    Living Fossil Senior Member

    Oct 20, 2014
    Among the composers who really focussed on filmmusic, Korngold and Rózsa probably are the most relevant ones as composers of concert works (Korngold also is relevant for his works in the area of operas).
    To a (bit a) lesser extent i would also put Bernard Herrmann in this league.

    Then there is Shostakovitch, who is among the most important composers of concert music of the 20th century and who also wrote great film music.

    For Williams and also Ennio Morricone i think the focus on film music was perfect.
    They both shaped the history of film music to an enormous extent, but i don't think they would have played a relevant role in the area of concert music. (p.s. that's my subjective opinion, i'm not pretending to state a "fact" ;) )

    Below two works. A concerto of Bernard Herrmann and a filmscore of Shostakovitch.

  10. leon chevalier

    leon chevalier Waste my time on VI Control

    Nov 19, 2015
    Tchaïkovski was also different person when he was writing for ballet than when he was writing for concert music. And I much prefer his ballet side !
  11. jeremiahpena

    jeremiahpena Senior Member

    I absolutely love John William's Cello Concerto. It feels like a natural extension of his film music.

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  12. miket

    miket Senior Member

    May 17, 2016
    Agreed! In the concert works, you hear him unfiltered. In film scores, you hear him zeroing in on what the film needs, stylistically. They are both the real Williams, of course.
  13. Leon Willett

    Leon Willett Senior Member

    Apr 14, 2005
    Williams' horn concerto has some moments that sound like harry potter ;)
  14. Sami

    Sami The Undisclosing

    Jul 23, 2017
    Lets not forget Walton, Prokofiev, Castelnuovo-Tedesco and the rest...
  15. blougui

    blougui Senior Member

    Nov 1, 2013
    Indeed,in this cello concerto it's very difficult not to hear many of his recent score endeavours.

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