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When did "music" become "beats"?


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This term is used more because of trap/hiphop producers. Those FL Studio guys who have a melody, a drum pattern and 808 bass pattern (I hate that nowadays it's not about legendary 808 drum machine but about distorted sine bass) and voilà, their track or how they call it 'beat' is done.


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I find the term "producer" useful because it highlights a real distinction. Composers write and arrange music. Producers make beats. Beats are one kind of music, and a producer is one kind of composer/arranger.
Well if someone reads your resumee and calls you producer in the face you'd think differently.


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I'm hearing that term a lot since around 20 years.
Maybe there is a connection that at that time Sampling CDs with construction kits became popular, which allowed the users (often Rapers) not only to build a drumbeat but also provided chord changes, bass lines etc.

For songwriters the term "beat" may sound strange, however, to me it sounds more awkward when people are speaking of "songs" when they mean instrumental tracks.
Or when they use the term "classical" when speaking of easy listening music that incorporates either strings or brass or pianos.

If words are used in an inappropriate way over a long time, they eventually change their meaning.
What was inappropriate becomes the new appropriate.
But that's quite a normal process in culture.

With regards to the beats, as long as they are smooth, i like them. ;)


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I just had the most profound case of Deja vu. Thankfully someone already linked to the relevant topic.

Honestly, I view everything that comes out of my Maschine as beats. Which could be funk-, hip-hop, edm- or otherwise pop-based.

It's just the vernacular. Words keep changing their meaning even if those changes are ridiculous. I'm glad I'm not old enough yet to have forgotten that one just has to get with the program.

Although. Is 33 old enough to just say 'fuck it', become obstinate and blame it on my age? I already blame a bunch of other things on my age and it would be nice to not have to adapt anymore.


Turning 48 this month. And while not as hip as @doctoremmet to this new lingo, I try to keep up.

Low key? To me that means higher-contrast portrait lighting. Or passing a doobie nonchalantly, so as to not attract attention while in public. "Sic?" I thought that was Latin shaming that means "thus." Yeet? Oh, forget it. Language is cool. Let it evolve and get batted over our crowd like a beach ball. Cool.

"Beats" does derive from hip hop, and seems different to composition, even though some things are arranged with one another. When I was using Sonic Foundry's ACID, or Fruity Loops, I knew I wasn't composing, but making beats. Is the feeling of participating in sound on sound much different? Dunno.

Pass the ball. Or the... never mind.
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