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What's Up with Auddict's Master Brass?

Robo Rivard

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That's what I wrote them on June 6th:

"Hi there,

I just saw on V.I. Control forum that you are releasing an update for the Masterbrass products.

I own the Trombones. Here's the receipt:

Dear Robert Rivard,

This notification is just a friendly reminder (not a bill or a second charge) that on 13-Mar-2017, you placed an order from Auddict Store. The charge will appear on your bill as "FS *auddict.com". This is just a reminder to help you recognize the charge.

Order Summary
Order ID: AUD (my personal order number)

Auddict Master Brass: Trombones

Order Total: US$55.50"


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I've got the whole set of brass. Other than clicks and general weirdness from time to time, my only other complaint is lack of a ff bell rattling dynamic layer. The instruments sound sweet and rich otherwise. I shot them an email yesterday requesting the updates, but I'm not holding my breath since i emailed a different question to them weeks ago. They never responded....
Cory Pelizzari

Cory Pelizzari

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hmm. I haven't heard anything either. It's really strange behavior as they stated here two months ago than an update was imminent.
Exactly what I expected to be honest. This thread will in time prove whether or not they even care about quality control. Even their new libraries are shipping with substantial flaws.
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