What's So Great About Realidrums?

Mike Greene

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Also, since the timing of this video may convince people today to buy RealiDrums (always the optimist, I am! :grin: ), I would feel bad if they paid full price while people who wait a few days for our Black Friday special get it for half price. (This is why I have mixed feelings about Black Friday.)

So I went ahead and adjusted the price to $149 instead of $299. It won't say that on the website yet, but if you click the Buy Now button, it will indeed give you the $149 price.

Also, 30-day full refund policy still applies as always.


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Was eyeing ez and superior as my first buy on drums, but this video taggged me to take a a close look at realidrums. With a Black Friday 50% price, and a good product, I think this should be my first real serious drum buy. :)


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Dang! Missed this one on black friday....

One question: are there any snare articulations included? Like rolls or ruffs? That's what I miss the most when playing drums from the keyboard, as opposed to drum pads....
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