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What's on your Spitfire Christmas Wish List?


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just checking, if you been receiving emails from spitfire paul and Christians about produts and stuff regularly does that mean you already signed up? or theres a different thing to do like having to sign up again?


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The library by Sonokinetic.
I am still undecided. Because I heard both equal good and bad things about both SStS and Largo. I sadly missed Sotto.
i managed to get Sotto and Capriccio (along with DaCapo, Winds Ens, and the free Ostinato).

Largo would be excess.

i think the SStS Pro will take some getting used to and a little work, but i am slowly getting the feel of SStBrass Pro.



Waiting patiently on my mail while trying to decide if I’ll get the solo strings or just buy the cinestrings solo also on discount... :confused:


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Waiting for the goose to be ready watching again some videos about the EWC and especially the evo grid amaze me here. I wonder what happens if you automate the randomizer with a midi LFO or so (if that is possible) = each render will be a unique choir piece you might never get again.
So far i don´t saw this in any other choirs library yet.
Oh i think that evo grid will sell it for me anyway finally with 40% off.
Now i maybe wished i put the other evo things into the wishlist....but than my wallet (and wife) are happy i did not.
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