What's good from Sample Logic?

I got a voucher to spend in the Sample Logic shop (shoutout to Reuben Cornell + The Samplecast!) FYI I do a lot of hybrid/cinematic/horror/epic stuff atm.

Is Drum Fury any good? I have a LOT of similar VIs (all Metropolis Arks, all 8dio Epic Percussion ensembles, Spitfire HZ01 + 03, Damage, Audioimperia Decimator & Sinfonia Drums, Strezov Thunder X3M, and more) and although one more color in the pallette is good, I'm still hesitant...

I have a few Sample Logic libraries since before - Morphestra 2, Xosphere and more -I bought them thinking they would be good to randomize some rhythms for underscoring... However, like any product that offers "endless randomization" (like 8dio Blendstrument) the loops become rather soulless, they have effects/gating (to add more variety) that simply don't sound good, or they layer sounds with no regard to how they fit together mix-wise and it becomes a mindless mash-up of sounds...

So, what libraries from Sample Logic are actually really good?

Michel Simons

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I'm definitely not part of that consensus. To me most of it all sounds the same. Very square and stiff arp stuff. Rompler esk vibe in general. On top of that, a lot of it seems very over priced compared to other developers.
My thoughts exactly. I only have their Waterharp 2, since I am almost always underwhelmed when watching a walk-through of one of their products.


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I have Drum Fury, and while it is pretty good and all i think that you wouldn't find any use for it considering the epic percussion libraries you already have. To me it is a good (and at the intro offer very cheap) almost all-in-one epic percussion pack for those who doesn't have a lot of stuff in that vein already, but you are most likely already covered (with better stuff) by HZ Percussion.


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MAP, Drum Fury, Bohemian, Cinematic Keys (and Guitars Organic Atmospheres), Gamelan, Cinemorphx ...
they’re all very well done. Some of the best in the business. Pretty, pretty good.


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If you don’t like Morphestra, I don’t think you can find anything there. That is their flagship instrument.