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What Would You Buy if 8Dio Sold it for $28?


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It's no exaggeration that 8Dio has done a lot of flash sales lately, and it's likely they will continue, although perhaps with less regularity.

I'm trying not to spend ANY money these days, but if they brought out one of these for $28 I would figure out something:
  • Adagio Cellos
  • Claire English Horn
  • Claire Oboe
  • Claire Bassoon
  • Adagietto
How about you?


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Claire Clarinet

I'm not crazy about the oboe. But the piccolo and alto flutes are wonderful.


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Claire bundle
Century Strings
Century Brass

Intimate Studio Strings
1928 Piano


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I'd like the Claire Bassoon and possibly the English Horn. They have limitations (mostly the note length stands out) and it's frustrating to write with them at times, but so far I really like the sound of the other Claire instruments.


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My preference is to purchase complete packages, so I'd be interested in good deals on Century Strings, Silka, and possibly Claire and adagio.


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You might be thinking of the 8DioOboe, which sold recently for $8. That is .3 GB.

The Claire Oboe Virtuoso is a very different instrument and has 4.5 GB.
No, I have both. 8dioboe is much more limited, but it does what it does amazingly well - provided you understand just how limited. I find it complements the spitfire oboe wonderfully, getting into very niche lyrical corners in a way that i’m not sure any other sampled oboe can.

The Clair oboe ... very different, much more ambitious concept ... and yet ... I’m just not crazy about it, I always end up giving up and replacing it with spitfire, which, in fairness, does lyrical far better than a workhorse orchestral lib has and right to.

Big contrast with the Claire piccolo and alto flute, which, while certainly not workhorse orchestral instruments , can really jump out at hyper-lyrical moments ... not sure why I can’t get the oboe to do the same.

If the Clair clarinet can do half as well as the flutes, then it’s something i’d Really like to have.
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