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What was your first car


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I've admired, but regrettably never owned, the Citröen DS:

Were these around at all in the US Rory? Apart from those modified flying cabs in 2015 Back To The Future-universe?

I remember family holidays to France when these were still everywhere you looked... great great design indeed...


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Against advice from my Dad, and my mechanic, in 1978 I purchased a 1970 Datsun 510 Wagon with a little over 100,000 miles on it. It lasted about three weeks before blowing the head gasket (first of many). By the time I graduated from college four years later I could replace the head gasket in about 90 minutes. A little quicker if I had a helper.

The last replacement used a copper gasket, guaranteed to last for the life of the car. Sadly, for me, that was about four months, because as soon as I had a job offer I went out and bought a 1977 VW Rabbit, can't remember the mileage, for $3500. It was totaled six weeks later when I was t-boned two blocks from my dorm.

That was followed by another 1977 Rabbit (an ugly orange, but beggers can't be choosy), not is quite as good shape as the first, but it lasted forever. Two years later I bought a 1984 GTI, which I accidentally wrapped around a tree (and walked away). When I bought the GTI the orange Rabbit became my Rally car. I had a lot of fun "fixing" it up and racing it.

That was followed by a 1984 Sirocco, which made it to 210k miles with no major repairs. It was finally benched when a rock flew up and cracked the transmission. I couldn't justify the cost to replace the transmission for a car with over 200k miles and ten years on it.

I have owned only two cars that weren't VWs - that awful Datsun, and a very old Subaru Outback that I bought from my Dad when he lost his license. I was unemployed at the time and could not be too picky, and besides, Subaru's last forever.


1967 Bizzarrini (btw, don't own it, just love it)
Hess Oil Truck when I was 7, for Christmas. Then a spring-loaded Batmobile you could sit in, and someone had to push you backwards and let you rip. Hey, it was the 60s.

In ‘82 I inherited my parents’ 1970 Thunderbird with 130K miles, rust everywhere and a suspension like Campfire marshmallows. BUT—off the line, it was killer. 429 in.³ thunderjet engine with four barrel carburetor and posi-rear. The power in the family luxury cars before everything got declawed in 1974 because of the gas crisis was just amazing. My friends dad had a Chrysler Newport with a 440 in.³ engine. These were cars made the ride smooth so the suspension was horrendous, but off the line, wow. You could almost see the needle in the fuel gauge slide towards E as you accelerated, LOL.


A 7 or 8 year old Mercury Comet or in another word a hunk of junk.
My next car was actually pretty good but a total gas guzzler from the 70’s -
a 71 Chevy Nova 350,it was a beast but unfortunately it drank gas like a relative of mine drinks gin :
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1980 Pontiac Trans Am Turbo Pace Car with the mirrored T-Tops. Blew the transmission showing off, let it sit for 2 years than sold it for $400. But at 18 I knew everything, so I dont know what went wrong.


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A '96 Renault Clio with a 1.4L energy engine. Had it for like 10 years, actually. It was nice at the time.
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