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What synths work with high resolution displays well?


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What synths work with high resolution displays well? i talk these 4k displays. i mean easily read. i think u-he diva going work and most u-he synths but what else. some have way too small text even 1920x1200 (24") and Vacuum Pro is cannot easily readed.


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How big its gui is?
It can be big. Really big. And it's beautiful to boot! Oftentimes people underestimate the power of a good interface. Massive X makes me want to program the heck out of it! I think NI really nails it lately in the interface department! I make music differently in Reason than in Studio One simply because the interfaces trigger different parts of my creative brain.


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I bought a Surface Pro last year.

My DAW of choice at the time was Studio One.

Having installed Studio One on my Surface I then started to check to make sure all my VST effects and instruments were installed, would load and were licensed. When I came to NI Absynth the GUI was so small that I couldn't read the text.

Faffing with Windows display and scaling options didn't help at all.

Sandman Pro was a nightmare because the GUI buttons and widgets were in totally the wrong place.

I raised the issue on the PreSonus forum and it was totally ignored.

I also had a license for REAPER so I installed that on my Surface and everything scaled and worked correctly.

So, yes, it is great that some VST GUI are scale-able, but sometimes there are issues with the host.

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Anything by Uhe.

TAL synths are resizable and resolution independent. I slept on this dev but his synths sound great and are super cheap.

Strobe by FXPansion can also be resized via a menu.

Spire can be resized at 100%, 150%, and 200%.

Dune 3, Zone, are not resizable but look great in my 5K iMac so I imagine they check the monitor DPI.

I gotta say as much as I love D16 products they are probably some of the worst for hi res displays. Most of their products do not resize. Hopefully they will modernize their UI stack.
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